May 102017

It has been a little over two weeks since we completed the 300 miles and rode across the state. I have so many wonderful thoughts of the ride and how we worked and came together as a team. Hearing the stories of each of our cyclists, their journeys, their family, their areas of work, and why they were riding were meaningful and inspirational.

I was especially inspired by Katherine who cycled the last day. She travelled all the way from Southern California to ride us. Her goal has been to complete a century ride in every state. After deciding to ride in Georgia, she found our ride and our Sunday Century option in Alabama. We became her 7th state. Katherine is a physical therapist working with mostly elderly populations. Cycling has become her outlet for exercise and decompressing in the day. Part of the Catholic Church, she has a deep care and concern for the types of families we serve.

The final day of our ride brought some new memories. It rained…quite a bit but mostly in the morning. And it became chilly and windy. Not the ideal day for riding but again it made for more memories. We also pulled “the shack”, the little house I live in for a week in October. Our hope was to create a visual expression of why we were cycling.

As we closed out, our fundraising total was just under $25,000. We still have some who are cycling through the Virtual Rider option and getting sponsors through May 31st.

We will start planning for next year’s ride and how we can again, help our state by cycling.

Thank you again for your love, support and prayers! Thanks so much to all the churches and businesses that sponsored us and helped us along the way!

See you all soon!


Apr 232017

Today we are dedicating our ride to Ms. Gore. It has been our pleasure to do repairs with Ms. Gore for nearly a year now. Teams began serving at her home during Auburn UMC’s Sweat Week in the summer, followed by 11 service days with seven different groups of volunteers from the Auburn area. Every group that has served with Ms. Gore talks about what a blessing it is to spend the day with her and her grandchildren.

From my time serving with Ms. Gore, I have seen her passion for the Lord and her belief in the power of prayer. Ms. Gore always takes time to pray with the teams and her grandchildren. Ms. Gore shared that her dream if to continually grows closer to the Lord. As we ride today, Ms. Gore asked that we pray that the Lord will give her strength and love and that her light would continue to shine by doing His will.

One of her goals is to full pay off her home. It has been our pleasure to partner with Ms. Gore as she seeks to reach her goals and make that goal closer to attaining. Cycle of Service we will be raising funds for families like Ms. Gore who live in homes that need critical repairs so their home can be warm, safe, dry, and beautiful as well.

As we ride today, join us as we dedicate today to Ms. Gore and her family through our prayers and sweat.

-Joseph Farris, COS rider, ARM Project Management Intern & former summer staff


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Apr 222017

Ms. McIntosh moved from Pittsburgh, PA to a small 1940s home in rural Notasulga, AL with her adult son a few years ago to care for her ailing father. When he passed away, Ms. McIntosh inherited the house and began making it her home. We had the pleasure of meeting Ms. McIntosh in the spring of 2016. A few months later, one of our youth mission camp teams began serving with her to begin addressing the array of challenges: dangerous electrical wiring, drafty windows, no attic insulation, old carpets full of dust, and broken cabinets in the kitchen to name a few. After several teams of volunteers and special grant funding through the USDA that allowed us to re-wire her entire home, we were very excited to finish up repairs with Ms. McIntosh just a few weeks ago!

What does this mean to Ms. McIntosh? One of her dreams is to become a foster parent. She feels especially called to caring for infants and young children who come from families of drug abuse. Now that her home is safer, warmer, and dryer, she is one step closer to welcoming children into her home and extending God’s love with them. It’s been an honor for us to be a part of this journey with her.

We have loved getting to know Ms. McIntosh over the past few months. We’ve heard about her love for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Panthers, and how she used to bake dozens and dozens of cookies to motivate and encourage high school students that others had given up on. And, yes, we’ve tried her cookies first-hand and they are delicious! She is a joyful, strong woman who has taught us a lot about trusting God. We can’t wait to see how God will continue to work in her life and use her to nurture and care for children who desperately need a loving home.

So, today, we ride for Ms. McIntosh – not just for new windows, insulation, and kitchen cabinets – but for a sweet home that is filled with God’s love and compassion, where dreams are built and hope is restored. Donate now to help us reach our goal of $25,000 for our friends like Ms. McIntosh.


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Apr 212017

As we extend Christ’s love through home repair and children’s ministry, we have a God sized vision. Our vision is to end substandard housing in rural Alabama. We want everyone to have a Sweet Home and live with dignity and pride. Making homes warm, safe, dry, and beautiful is our daily commitment. Helping all of us draw closer to Jesus as disciples is our passion as well.

Ms. Anderson is a single parent mom homeschooling her special needs son. Without a car, and critical repairs, she faces tough challenges. Her mobile home had severe leaks and only the carpet was holding up her floor. She had placed small boards throughout to create a walkway. Unsafe and with outrageous water and power bills draining what little income she had, her situation had become desperate.

We have slowly repaired the plumbing and flooring and still have more work to do. Your gift today will help Ms. Anderson.

You can give online:

You can mail a check at P.O. Box 2890 Auburn, AL. 36831:

Apr 202017

As the sun begins to set, nine riders will be travelling to Livingston, Alabama preparing to start a long journey 300 miles across the heart of Alabama. Soul-it is the essence and spirit of our ride. It is serving Christ with heart, soul and soles. The soles of our feet taking the brunt of this journey. Why would we do this? We are deeply passionate and committed to ending substandard housing in Alabama. We long to see a day when communities can come together and serve our neighbors by helping them with home repair assistance; especially our elderly and individuals with disabilities. We long to see a tangible expression of Jesus’ love and example where building relationships and friendships results in mutual care.

We are ready to traverse 100 miles a day over three days through the Black Belt where many families live with significantly low incomes reflected by substandard housing conditions. The funds we raise will continue to help us make homes warm, safe, dry, and beautiful. Many people from churches, youth groups, college groups and more will bring their hearts, hands, and hammers and make these vital repairs.

We solicit your prayers and thoughts. We have raised over $16,000 towards our goal of $25,000 and are confident we will make it. Help us spread the word as we extend the love of Christ and end substandard housing in Alabama. There is a day when everyone can have a Sweet Home!

Cycle on,


Apr 072017

We are getting psyched up, trained up, and working hard to get our sponsors. I know I am super excited about riding with this great group who are passionate about service and cycling. Riding across the heart of Alabama and seeing homes, meeting people, talking to other riders, and really thinking about the hardships of families-it is so meaningful.

Registration for the 300 mile closes today. However, if you still want to sign up for any portion, we can work you in. Our goal is to raise $25,000. We will give a report on Monday but we have already raised over $9500 towards that.

Hoping to get some more training miles in over the weekend as our countdown continues!

Mar 312017

Watch WSFA’s Alabama Live today from 11-12 and catch Caroline Gardner sharing about our ride across Alabama. She will be on sometime between 11-12 today. Caroline is interning with Auburn United Methodist Church in Missions. She trained to ride with us last year and did an amazing job as a new cyclist achieving such an incredible goal.

The virtual rider option begins Saturday April 1st- no fooling! You still need to register to track your miles with us!

Registration for the ride across Alabama and Sunday Century is open till April 8th.

If you would like to be a corporate sponsor and have your business logo on banner, t-shirts, web site and more-contact

Just 21 days before we launch!

Mar 242017

Virtual Rider? How does that work?” Glad you asked! You do not have to travel across the state to help us make homes warm, safe, dry and beautiful. You can log miles riding in your neighborhood, on a spin bike or on a stationary bike.

“That sounds awesome!” – We think so. Check out the options and detail below.

Option 1: I want to ride in my neighborhood or stationary bike.

Registration is $25 and a $9 fee for using the MyVirtualMission web site and app to join the team and track your distance. Beginning April 1st you can log miles up until May 31st.

Option 2: I want to ride with my gym. 

Three gyms are participating in the spin competition: Opelika Sportsplex, Moore’s Mill Fitness, and Health Plus gym. Talk to your spin instructor and let them know you are in. When you register, we will send your email to them to get you signed up in that group. Again, you will need to sign up for the premium package. Registration and app to log miles are also $25 and $9.

More Details: You can help us raise our goal of $25,000 by getting individual or corporate sponsors. Links for the letters and sponsor forms are below. The website/app allows you to log in your miles as if you were journeying across Alabama with us. You get a t-shirt and water bottle just like the other cyclists. We also are inviting you to be at Auburn United Methodist Church on Sunday April 23rd at 5:00pm to welcome the riders and be recognized for how you are cycling with us. Most of all, you know you are helping an amazing family receive home repair!

“Wait…who am I helping?” Ms. Anderson lives in Tuskegee and is home schooling her special needs son. She was given a mobile home that had no running water and had many damaged areas. Several teams are working to get her warm, safe, and dry. Our focus is on completing her home.

Virtual Rider sponsor letter 17

COS Spin Class Sponsor Form

And I register how?” Here is the link to our simple registration. You can pay online or send a check. It’s that easy!

Looking forward to having you plug in with us!


Mar 212017

In one month, COS launches! April 21st marks our start date and those registered have been actively training. Now that the weather is getting warmer and daylight savings time started, riding in the afternoon is a little easier. It’s also not too late to get registered! As a reminder, here are a few of the ride options:

  1. Virtual Rider: Spinners and those that cannot ride with us can log miles in their neighborhood, on a stationary bike, or in their spin class. Using an app and website called, “MyVirtualMission” we have set up groups for the various gyms and a group riding in their neighborhood. You get to use the map those riding across the state us and track your 300 mile progress. Riding this way is a $25 registration which includes a Cycle of Service t-shirt and water bottle. To use the app, it will cost an extra $9 to set up the service. Cyclists still gain sponsors toward our goal of $25,000.

2. Sunday Century- April 23rd is a Century option. Those participating will finish out the final 100 mile leg with us. Registration is $65

3. Then the Triple Challenge- 300 miles of awesome beautiful Alabama countryside. We will be hosted by churches along the way and several rest stops to help us energize.

If you have any more questions, let us know! And if you are a business and would like to become a corporate sponsor, just go this page for the information or email Lisa Pierce at

30 days and counting!

See you on the ride!