Apr 232017

Today we are dedicating our ride to Ms. Gore. It has been our pleasure to do repairs with Ms. Gore for nearly a year now. Teams began serving at her home during Auburn UMC’s Sweat Week in the summer, followed by 11 service days with seven different groups of volunteers from the Auburn area. Every group that has served with Ms. Gore talks about what a blessing it is to spend the day with her and her grandchildren.

From my time serving with Ms. Gore, I have seen her passion for the Lord and her belief in the power of prayer. Ms. Gore always takes time to pray with the teams and her grandchildren. Ms. Gore shared that her dream if to continually grows closer to the Lord. As we ride today, Ms. Gore asked that we pray that the Lord will give her strength and love and that her light would continue to shine by doing His will.

One of her goals is to full pay off her home. It has been our pleasure to partner with Ms. Gore as she seeks to reach her goals and make that goal closer to attaining. Cycle of Service we will be raising funds for families like Ms. Gore who live in homes that need critical repairs so their home can be warm, safe, dry, and beautiful as well.

As we ride today, join us as we dedicate today to Ms. Gore and her family through our prayers and sweat.

-Joseph Farris, COS rider, ARM Project Management Intern & former summer staff


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