May 102017

It has been a little over two weeks since we completed the 300 miles and rode across the state. I have so many wonderful thoughts of the ride and how we worked and came together as a team. Hearing the stories of each of our cyclists, their journeys, their family, their areas of work, and why they were riding were meaningful and inspirational.

I was especially inspired by Katherine who cycled the last day. She travelled all the way from Southern California to ride us. Her goal has been to complete a century ride in every state. After deciding to ride in Georgia, she found our ride and our Sunday Century option in Alabama. We became her 7th state. Katherine is a physical therapist working with mostly elderly populations. Cycling has become her outlet for exercise and decompressing in the day. Part of the Catholic Church, she has a deep care and concern for the types of families we serve.

The final day of our ride brought some new memories. It rained…quite a bit but mostly in the morning. And it became chilly and windy. Not the ideal day for riding but again it made for more memories. We also pulled “the shack”, the little house I live in for a week in October. Our hope was to create a visual expression of why we were cycling.

As we closed out, our fundraising total was just under $25,000. We still have some who are cycling through the Virtual Rider option and getting sponsors through May 31st.

We will start planning for next year’s ride and how we can again, help our state by cycling.

Thank you again for your love, support and prayers! Thanks so much to all the churches and businesses that sponsored us and helped us along the way!

See you all soon!


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