Apr 092010

Wow, I cannot believe that it is already April and that Easter has passed. In a little over 2 months, our ride begins. My training is now getting underway. I’ve been riding a couple of miles each week just getting used to being in traffic and around cars. Plus, the seat gets tiring after awhile. Training was a little difficult this week.

This week we have had work teams all the way from Indiana. Our teams are from Charabusco UMC and LaPorte UMC. Between the two groups we have had 40 people working with us. They have been amazing as they have repaired homes, ministered with our families, and had fun growing as a group. I have enjoyed all the youth working on my site and helping Mrs. Battles. Mrs Battles has MS and is struggling with the degeneration in her spinal cord and nerves. Although extremely vibrant in spirit, her body continues to fight against itself. We have been able to construct a wheelchair ramp for her. The group this week has been building a new roof over her home. Mainly, they have learned about her MS, learned about her hobbies and growing up, and currently learned about her faith journey. I believe it has been an enriching experience for her and the youth.

Biking across the state seems easy when I think  of you tough life is for Mrs. Battles. She seems to take it in stride although she remains in great pain. Part of the struggle with her body is a constant struggle to stay cool. As the warm temperatures come in-this becomes a tough time-and yesterday her air conditioner blew out. It can be very difficult and life is more like two steps forward and one step back.

Riding is for these moments, these situations. It means to pray for families, realize their struggles, and be part of the solution and help. It realizes the movement of Christ and the Holy Spirit do so much more than what we can. So, consider riding with us-getting someone esle to ride, or supporting the effort through your gifts.

See you on the ride!

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