May 112010

We had a 20 mile training ride on Saturday and it was so fun! Exhilerating. Now, just to add about 50 onto that and see what happens. All the details are coming together and we are so excited about what we are going to experience. The churches that will be hosting us are so gracious and excited about us staying with them.

So, to put this into perspective. This past Friday afternoon we went out to a family’s home to replace a simple window. The last time that it rained-water poured into the house collecting in buckets and a small ice chest. The window replacement seemed pretty routine- no real big deal. Except that when we pulled off the window, the entire frame crumbled and left us nothing to install the new window into. So after the bike ride on Saturday, we went and reframed the window and then installed a new one. It was great to know that the next time it rained it would be dry on the inside.

These simple acts remind us of why we ride and the importance of sharing the love of Christ with families. So, we look forward to seeing you all on the ride!

God bless,


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