May 262010

Cycle of Service: A Ride Across Alabama June 25-27

It’s just around the corner-a three day bike ride across the heart of our state. Despite grueling heat and potential thunderstorms, riders will journey across the Black Belt of Alabama. Our mission and goal, to raise awareness about poverty housing and to raise funds to continue working on homes.

Why is it called the Cycle of Service? Riders not only bike ride up and down hills, through the plains, and across beautiful countryside, we serve. The first leg of our journey takes us from Livingston, Alabama to Selma. Livingston is the historic site of the University of West Alabama and where ARM began. Selma also has a rich history due to it being one of the major hubs for the Civil Rights Movement. After our riders journey roughly 80 miles, we will visit the Civil War and Slavery Museum later that evening.  This will help our riders reengage with some of the roots of why poverty continues to exist in these areas.

Our second day in Montgomery has a bit of a different twist. Once we complete that 50 miles, we will participate in a light construction project helping with renovations at the old Cloverdale School which is being converted into a community center. We will combine our repair efforts with an overall community focus.

The third and final leg of our journey has us riding from Montgomery to Tuskegee. Before leaving Montgomery, we will participate in a morning devotion and worship and then finish our trek of 45 miles. We will have a great lunch and return rally at Tuskegee United Methodist Church.

Riding, serving, helping families…it is a great mission. The physical challenge of biking reminds us of the hardships that many families with limited or fixed incomes deal with on a daily basis. Serving reminds us of the importance of coming together and working as a community to help each other out. It is the old concept of “building barns” together.

The registration deadline is quickly approaching-May 31st! We hope you will consider riding with us either the entire way or a part of the journey. Or, consider sponsoring one or our riders and help us reach our financial goal.

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