Jun 122010

As I sit and write, I personally have had a change of events. The oil spill in the Gulf is basically a national crisis. Alabama and other coastal states are working diligently to protect their coastal areas and clean up oil that has already come ashore. It not only is a mess, it is sad. We listen to the people’s fear and frustration as they face their businesses being shut down;  who’s livelihood is being greatly affected. It breaks our heart as we see innocent animals soaked in oil-collateral damage. We cannot fathom the ecological impact upon our ocean and coastal areas. Biking across the state becomes more important for me-training in Gulf Shores, watching what is happening to families and factoring the long term implications for people.

All that being said, I’m also eager to begin. Nervous…but eager. I am very excited about our 10 riders and how much fun we are going to have and all the excitement being generated about our ride. We are going to have an exciting time together-legs pumping, sweating, hands numb, wind in our face, shoulders aching-all so we can raise awareness about families that need repairs to their home. Our efforts will continue each evening as we relate and remember the atrocities of the Civil War and Slavery, and then work together helping with the renovations of a community center.

Finally, it is the work of our volunteers that mean so much. This week began our first full week of volunteer work teams. They worked on everything from wheelchair ramps to extensive floor work. Our day camp kids completed their first week and are learning about different countries and how other kids worship Jesus in those cultures. They sing, learn Bible studies, swim, and so much more!

And, that is what this is all about. We continue to learn and grow. So, plug into the ride and consider sponsoring a rider and definetely praying for us. Thanks so much! See you on the ride!


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