Jun 262010

Has it been hot! But is has been a blast.

It began with the launch event in Livingston, AL at Livingston UMC. We were blessed with members of the church preparing a wonderful meal for our riders. Mrs. Gosa, former Mayor of York, spoke and shared about the importance of serving and sharing love with another in the name of Christ.

We pushed out early on Friday morning at 6:30 AM with tons of excitement and energy. All went well, only one chain came off and only one flat to record. Our pace was close to 17mph and we made great time getting to Selma in 5 1/2 hours from Livingston-a total of 72 miles. The Jameson Inn allowed us to use their lobby for lunch and Molly took a dip in the pool in bike gear and all. Once all the cyclers arrived we cleaned up and then headed to dinner at our host church. What a spread! It was wonderful!!!! Bob led our devotion that talked about what happens when we leave everything to follow Christ. After singing, sharing, and praying together we took time to rest and get ready for the next day.

More to follow about today!

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