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Cycle of Service State to State Ride May 3-5 2013

Do you love Biking? (or supporting the event)?

Does the problem of poverty frustrate you?

Do you want to make a difference in your community?

What is Cycle of Service? It is an intense but fun 3 day bike ride across the state to raise awareness about poverty housing in Alabama and raise money for home repair in Lee, Macon, and Sumter counties. Is this important? In counties such as Macon and Sumter, over 35% of the population struggles with poverty. What does that mean for someone’s home? It means a leaking roof when it rains, an unsafe floor from dry rot, or maybe the need for a wheel chair ramp. But on a limited or fixed income these problems get bigger and bigger. Cycling with us helps us repair homes for these families and extend the love of Christ to them! You can be a part of the solution to ending the cycle of poverty in Alabama! Come join this fun team and bike with us!

So what will we do? On May 3rd, riders riding across the state will meet in Livingston at the Southern Sportsman Hunting Lodge which is where we will launch our ride.


3 Day Ride:

Option A: Century Ride option (Livingston,Cuba, to Selma)

Option B: State Line Challenge begins  (Cuba to Selma)

2 Day Ride:

Option A: Livingston to Tuskegee City (May 3 and  4)

Option B: Selma to Phenix City (May  4 and  5)

1 Day Ride:

Option A: Livingston to Selma (May 3)

Option B: Selma to Tuskegee (May 4)- Saturday Challenge! (We’ll shuttle you from Auburn on Friday to ride with us on Saturday)

Option C: Family Fun Ride (May 4)- Start at noon in Montgomery and end in Tuskegee (35 miles)


Registration is now open! Register by March 1st and get a complimentary journey

Registration closes on April 10th

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