Why Ride?


Alabama Rural Ministry (ARM) has a vision to eliminate poverty housing in rural Alabama. Our mission is to extend the love of Christ through home repair and children’s ministry. To find out more about ARM-visit our webpage.

Cycle of Service (COS) is an event that will that incorporates bike riding with community service  while raising awareness about poverty housing in Alabama. Anyone is invited to join the COS who feels that they are physically able to bike 250-300 miles across the state of Alabama.

Is this important? In counties such as Macon and Sumter, over 35% of the population struggles with poverty. That is 1 out of 3 people and affects mainly our elderly and children.

What does that mean for someone’s home? It means a leaking roof when it rains, an unsafe floor from dry rot, or maybe the need for a wheel chair ramp. With a limited income these problems only grow. Cycling with us helps us repair homes for these families and extend the love of Christ to them! You can be a part of the solution to ending the cycle of poverty in Alabama! Come join this fun team and cycle with us!

So if I ride?  You join a team that is making a difference. You get to do what you love through cycling, get an incredible challenge of riding across the state, and you will be helping low income families receive home repair assistance.

There are three main reasons for cycling across the state of Alabama with ARM:

1) Raise awareness about poverty housing in Alabama- 35% of families living in Alabama are considered at or below poverty

2) Share and pray for communities as we ride across the state and encourage people to volunteer

3) Raise funds for Alabama Rural Ministry

Help us spread the word! Download either the PDF flyer or the PDF brochure. Contact us and we can send you brochures.

To contact us: lisa@arm-al.org or (334) 501-4276
Cycle of Service

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