Apr 202017

As the sun begins to set, nine riders will be travelling to Livingston, Alabama preparing to start a long journey 300 miles across the heart of Alabama. Soul-it is the essence and spirit of our ride. It is serving Christ with heart, soul and soles. The soles of our feet taking the brunt of this journey. Why would we do this? We are deeply passionate and committed to ending substandard housing in Alabama. We long to see a day when communities can come together and serve our neighbors by helping them with home repair assistance; especially our elderly and individuals with disabilities. We long to see a tangible expression of Jesus’ love and example where building relationships and friendships results in mutual care.

We are ready to traverse 100 miles a day over three days through the Black Belt where many families live with significantly low incomes reflected by substandard housing conditions. The funds we raise will continue to help us make homes warm, safe, dry, and beautiful. Many people from churches, youth groups, college groups and more will bring their hearts, hands, and hammers and make these vital repairs.

We solicit your prayers and thoughts. We have raised over $16,000 towards our goal of $25,000 and are confident we will make it. Help us spread the word as we extend the love of Christ and end substandard housing in Alabama. There is a day when everyone can have a Sweet Home!

Cycle on,